Espre 36

The Espre 36 is our 36-string version of the ever-popular Encore 34.

Measurements: 54″ at the tallest point of the pillar, and 53.5″ from the floor to the top of the “playing side.” From the floor to the top of the sound box is 49.5.” 12″ at width of base.

Optional feet package increases the height by 4.5″: $225.00, requires larger case.

Approximate weight: 24 lb., depending upon wood type.

String range: C6 up to C

String spacing at middle C: 14.8 mm

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Full Loveland levers: $3085.00

Full Truitt levers: $3594.00

Options not included in the above price:

Harp case: $280.00

String set: $185.00

USA shipping: $260.00

Larger case needed with feet package: $295.00


“Hi Cindy, I wanted you to know how much I still enjoy my Espre 36 in walnut after so many years. When I play with fellow harpers, it always has the richest tone and the best sound of many of the harps in the room.  At a harp workshop, they repeatedly stated how they had heard that Blevins was a wonderful shop to deal with. Others also complimented you on your incredible professionalism and sincere interest in their harp musicianship. As for me, I am still very happy with my harp.” Mary R, NY