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My life since I took up harp in 1993 has been all about harps and harp music. Taking up harp (after earning a degree in music education and clarinet performance) altered the course of my life, both personally and professionally.

My first harp teacher was Roxanne Ziegler, in Rochester, New York. I give her so much credit for teaching me the right way, taking me seriously as an adult beginner, and spending three years with me before suggesting I move on to Grace Wong (Rochester Philharmonic) for some serious pedal harp training. All together, I studied harp seriously for five years, with my two amazing teachers, all the while practicing three hours or more every day.

I began teaching harp in 2002. My students, then and now, were predominantly adult women, both with and without musical backgrounds, who were drawn to playing the harp just as I was. I have also taught men and children. I also teach piano and clarinet to all ages.

There are no short cuts to properly learning to play the harp. It takes time, hard work and dedication. Because many people have no access to a harp teacher, I began writing my learning materials. My learning collection has grown over the years. You can read all about it in that section of this website. I also have been teaching by phone since 2006. Contact me if you would like to know more about that.

I have always wanted to play music, and I play a variety of instruments. For me, writing is an extension of playing, which is why I have so much music on this site. Harp, piano, flute, clarinet, Native American flute and mandolin. You will find music for all of them here.