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My life since I took up harp in 1993 has been all about harps and harp music. Taking up harp (after earning a degree in music education and clarinet performance) altered the course of my life, both personally and professionally.

My first harp teacher was Roxanne Ziegler, in Rochester, New York. I give her so much credit for teaching me the right way, taking me seriously as an adult beginner, and spending three years with me before suggesting I move on to Grace Wong (Rochester Philharmonic) for some serious pedal harp training. All together, I studied harp seriously for five years, with my two amazing teachers, all the while practicing three hours or more every day.

I began teaching harp in 2002. My students, then and now, were predominantly adult women, both with and without musical backgrounds, who were drawn to playing the harp just as I was. I have also taught men and children. I also teach piano and clarinet to all ages.

I have always wanted to play music, and I play a variety of instruments. For me, writing is an extension of playing, which is why I have so much music on this site. Harp, piano, flute, clarinet, Native American flute and mandolin. You will find music for all of them here.