The Blevins Collection, Melodic/Technical Studies for C Clarinet

Calling all clarinetists! Whether you are teaching yourself to play clarinet, playing just for fun, or taking it more seriously, you will find these studies to be a great work-out, no matter what your level. The C Clarinet studies are available only as eBooks, but they do match the play-along files.

There are three ways to play:

  • Purchase the eBook downloads, and dig into the studies.
  • Purchase the optional mp3 downloads, and play along with the recordings. There are two mp3 play-along tracks for each study. One is a slower version and one is a more up-tempo version. Each has a click lead-in, so you know when to start playing, and each was recorded in strict time, for ease in playing along.
  • Play and/or perform every study with a pianist. Included in the eBooks are complete piano scores. You can print any or all of the piano parts.

Click on a book cover for more information.

Vol. 1, Elementary
Vol. 2, Intermediate
Vol. 3, Advanced











“I am impressed with the progression of difficulty!  It seems very logical and introduces new issues and problems to overcome in a very progressive manner.  Bravo!  The great thing is also that the studies are melodic and are musical, and will be fun and interesting.   They are not just exercises which have no redeeming musical interest.  I think that you have done a really great thing for the clarinet community.”  Mike Lomax  (click to read about his hand-crafted clarinet mouthpieces and other great clarinet products.)