Blevins Harps String Sets

This list is in alphabetical order, broken up into three groups. If you don’t find your harp model, please contact us so that it can be added.

***String set orders are not refundable. We make them to order. They are not generally “in stock,”  therefore it can take four to five or more weeks to get your string set in the mail due to the timing of our supplier. Sometimes it takes longer. If you have a timing concern or question, please contact us so that we can give you a timing estimate before you purchase. Otherwise, we will email you tracking information the day your string set is mailed out. We make up string sets immediately after we receive string shipments. The timing is NOT under our control due to the supplier.

Our string sets are configured specifically to each harp model and are not returnable. We do not advise purchasing Blevins Harps string sets for non-Blevins harps.

**If you are ordering an Encore 34 string set, please note that there are THREE Encore string sets listed in a row…A, B and C. It is self-explanatory, but it is up to you to choose the correct one. It only involves counting how many wire bass strings you have. These sets are NOT interchangeable, so please choose according to the number of wire bass strings on your harp.

**If you are ordering an Espre 36 string set, please include a note telling us how many wire bass strings you have.

If you are looking for a single string (or otherwise not a full set), mono filament strings can be purchased here. Please note, the wrapped nylon and wire strings in the lower octaves of your harp can not be purchased online except within the full sets, or by special order. You would have to contact us about that.

Links to the string sets, alphabetically: