Blevins Harps, Testimonials 2

“I am happy to report my new “baby” (a BlevinSong 36 in amazing mineral poplar wood) made it unscathed to Tucson. You are right- this harp is absolutely gorgeous to look at and listen to! It was delivered to my parents home while I was at work, and they are so in awe of the specialty wood they are dissapointed I’m not going to let it live in their house. I can’t wait to get to know this instrument and I can tell it will knock everyone’s socks off at the family wedding in September. I so appreciate the unparalleled customer service, the fantastic workmanship and your “TLC.” KC, AZ

“Kids wear their new cowboy boots to bed, but this grandma took her new harp to bed!! The gorgeous little jewel, my new Skye 26 of spalted hackberry, is so comfortable to play perched on my lap, with its angled contoured bottom, that I have found the perfect niche for it among my other harps. I reach for it when I plop into a chair, when I slouch back on the recliner, when I curl up on the sofa or stretch out on the patio chaise and dreamily create tunes while watching the sunset. And yes, I even sometimes take it to bed and almost put myself to sleep with the sweet and soothing tones! So I’m calling it my little dreamer! Thanks so much for your artistry and the labor that created it….” Vivian S, AZ

(About her Bourree 28 carbon fiber hybrid harp) “Well, it’s time for me to provide my input on my new harp: Thank you so very much for building such a wonderful instrument! Its voice is lovely, although I realize it is still developing. From the first time I tuned it and played, it has been everything I always wanted! It is so very light weight and just the right size for me and I love, LOVE having the low tones. ” Lynda F, WA

(About her brand new Serenade 31 in figured cherry wood) “Cindy, You stop what you’re doing right now and go out and give your husband an enormous hug from me! This harp is beyond gorgeous: there are not sufficient superlatives to describe it. It arrived in perfect condition and is now in my living room awaiting my fingers. As I’m working from home today, I am about to go in and give it its first tuning under my fingers. Then, I will, of course, want to play and play and play…but I can’t. I must work, despite the temptation of that stunning, exciting, amazing, seductive, beautiful, lovely, exquisite instrument. ” Lois H, NH

“Hi Cindy and Dwight, I am a student of the Music for Healing and Transition Program ( MHTP) and was attending one of the modules with my Blevins Espre 36 Black Walnut harp. We had to play a solo piece of music for the class. After I did, the entire class said that they loved the resonance of my harp. During the session, the instructor asked if she could play my harp to demonstrate one of the tools of the class. When she did, she said that she loves Blevins harps and her first harp was a Blevins. She asked me what style and what wood it was made from, so I proudly told her it was a 36 string Espre in Black Walnut. Then, I recently was asked to play some Irish tunes for a garden party, and the people approached me afterward to compliment me and asked who made my harp.” Mary R

Well, I have to say that all the information you gave me, lead me to make the very best decision ever! For me, there is no awkwardness! I wish more lap harps were made like this. It is much easier to position and reposition while sitting. The bass is awesome for a lap harp! Just what I need for harp therapy work. And it is just simply beautiful to look at. This is the best therapy lap harp that I have ever played…and to think it is all mine! 🙂

What a joyful experience buying this harp has been. You guys are the best! Thanks for everything!” Lynda K, PA

“I am so thrilled with my harp!!! It is beautiful and the sound is AMAZING!!!! Thank you to you and Dwight!!! It has been wonderful working with you!!! Connie B, CO (about her new purple heart Serenade 31).

“Here am I, happy with my lap harp (Avanta 26), which arrived yesterday.Everything is fine, I unpacked this afternoon and start tuning…I really enjoy the comfort of the specific “leg cut”. The harp will go to Dinan et Lauterbach festivals with me and I will be happy to mention the very patient and friendly way to treat clients at Blevin’s for whoever might show interest. I look forward to discovering your music books and thank you once more very much for your kindness and good service. Best regards,” Barbara (France)

“Hi Cindy,” We spoke ages ago about the Cameo 26 and then I was delighted to learn about a shop in the UK (Pencerdd in Penarth, Wales) who were shipping over some Blevins harps – a Cameo amongst them! With great excitment I went to see them on Tuesday and although I was tempted with the Eden because of it’s wonderful sound, I eventually chose the Cameo. I just can’t believe how tiny it is – it seems amazing to have 26 strings at my fingertips in such a small and light package! And it is such a pretty shape 🙂 I was worried that the tension would be too light, but you were right, it really does feel fine and not too big a leap from the tension of my bigger harp. I am delighted with the clear bright sound, and I can’t stop playing it! Thanks again for your help,” Simona (UK)
(About the LeStik) “Cindy, it’s beautiful !! And of course….. functional. I tried it out right away, and oh, it makes life so easy with a lap harp. The purpleheart is gorgeous, of course.” Annie M, FL

“In March of this year I purchased a beautiful little Cameo in spalted poplar. This has served me well as my practice / travel harp and each time I play it I admire it’s quality and beauty. Many people (at Somerset 2009) admired the sound and appearance of this instrument. Thanks again for a lovely harp!” Patricia C

“Oh, Cindy!! THIS RIVERSONG IS AWESOME!! I have been unable to stop playing with it since wrestling it out of the box…. kept telling myself to email you, but how to keep both hands on the harp, and open the laptop and type? My toes?? Oh, what beautiful sound!” Annie M, FL

“She has arrived (my Bella 28) and just as beautiful and wonderful sounding as I had hoped for. To say I am pleased would be understated. Thank you so much and you’ll hear from me again. I’m working out the details for a double strung LOL. Please tell Dwight for me that I am extremely happy with this BIG sounding little harp!” Robynn G, PA

“Hi Cindy. For a while I’ve been meaning to send you a note to say how much I love, love, love the harp you folks sent me last summer! (It is a BlevinSong 36.) It has the most wonderful tone, and playing it just makes me feel happy. I am especially impressed with the quality after helping a friend with a harp that she “inherited”, which had a dull, “off” sound, no matter how much we tuned it. So tell your husband “thank you” for building and selling his harps — it is adding beauty to the world.” Catherine B

“I can’t keep my hands off my new Eden 29! Thank you Cindy for enduring my endless questions while helping me decide which model to choose. It’s a winner! Dwight did a wonderful job of color matching the sound board as I asked, and the choice of walnut with the swirling tiger’s eye was lovely. But it’s the sound of this beauty that has me neglecting my daily duties to play–deep, rich, and resonating with a huge voice, a difficult thing to achieve in a small harp. The tension is also very player-friendly, as well as the ergonomics of the design. I can play sitting on a blanket at a picnic, or I can play in a chair with the LeStik attached so the harp plays like a large floor harp. There is never weight on my shoulders or back. I originally was looking for C below middle C, but to get three extra strings lower than that makes all the difference in the arrangements I can choose. Love that bass! Thank you so much for this wonderful harp…” Vivian S, ID

“Dear Cindy and Dwight – I received my Meadowind 34 safely. It is truly very beautiful and the workmanship is outstanding. We have been tuning and tuning and it sounds lovely. Thank you very much for your help in guiding me in making a selection and encouraging me to start work on this lifelong dream. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated. It’s wonderful to know that such a fine product and great service are still available in the U.S.A. Thanks again for everything.” Linda F

“Hi Cindy. The harp is here!! (Eden 26) As promised, it’s quite beautiful. The tone is very warm and resonant–just what I was looking for in a lap harp. I really do love it!” Brook B

“I wanted to let you know I received my harp yesterday in perfect condition! (Eden 26 in cherry wood) … I am quite impressed with the sound. It is rich and warm especially in the bass, which was quite unexpected! The string tension is also unexpectedly comfortable, not too light compared to my pedal harp. Thank you for everything, you are wonderful to do business with!” Sharon M

“I think I’ve got her convinced to go with a Blevins, especially after putting my Dulce in her hands! 🙂 You’re most welcome for the referrals. I’m happy to make them. Its the least I can do in return for awesome harps and great service!” Deborah B, NC

“Just letting you know that my harp arrived yesterday. I was totally blown away, what a beautiful instrument; and so unique. I can’t believe she was discounted because to me, she is perfect. In fact, I think the differing wood adds character. She sounds gorgeous, wonderful, brilliant, awesome… and any other adjectives that could describe something so good. Thank you for all your help. ” Judith U, UK

“Hello, the harp arrived save and sound yesterday (in Japan.) I absolutely love the looks and the sound of it. Thank you very much for being so helpful and giving me a lot of advice on the harp.” Yoko, Japan

“I’m really enjoying playing the new RiverSong! It’s the best sounding folk harp I’ve played! I’m also really having fun with your Feast of Favorites 3- it’s just a blast to play those Stephen Foster pieces.” MJ, CO (who purchased the prototype RiverSong 36.)

“So, I wanted to mention – again – that I am so grateful to you for the attention to detail you both invest. Every day, I’m more delighted with my Eden and the music I have found to play on it. Even the packaging was terrific. Really – the harp’s quality, voice and value are truly outstanding. When I play, I feel a bit like I’m on vacation. So, thanks so much for just being you.” Nancy H

“Dear Cindy, The Harp is here! The Harp is here! How beautiful it sounds! Have not had a chance to tune it yet, but its sound is rich and full and amazing! All is gorgeous, from Harp to strap to stand. Truly beautiful in every way. I am thrilled. I will let you know more in a day or two, for now am going to tune before next student arrives. Many thanks to you and Dwight and all involved in this beautiful Eden. I have never heard such sonorous beauty from a harp so small. Truly a minstrel’s Harp! Delightedly, Patricia.”

“Hi Dwight and Cindy – the Avee came this afternoon…it’s even prettier than the photo on your website and as I have been tuning it, the tone is even better than I could have hoped. Thank you for all of your patient answers to my questions, our phone conference, and your workmanship.” Sherry L, NJ, Satisfied Customer

“It’s here, and it is fantastic! I LOVE IT!!!……She is smaller than I expected and so lovely to hold, but she has such a big, bright voice. The red streaks in the wood are stunning. I am absolutely enchanted!.Leigh, OR) (about her new Cameo 26 in red flamed box elder )

“It’s here, it’s beautiful! My husband (also) is very impressed with the sound, and I keep catching him plucking at it when he thinks I’m not looking.” Joan K, Canada (about her new Consort 36 harp.)

Here is what one Marie 24 owner wrote us about her harp made out of rainbow poplar wood: “Not only is she etherial to look upon but she sounds incredible….and…she is lighter than I am used to! Thank you many times over for your attention to detail and for coming up with exactly the right harp for me. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I hope some day to meet you and your gifted wife, Cindy. Sincerely yours, a very proud owner of a Blevins Marie.” Mary Anne, NJ

“Thanks for the awesome customer support y’all have given me through my entire experience of buying/playing Blevins harps.” Deborah B

“Thank you thank you thank you! I received my BlevinSong 36…it arrived perfectly and the sound is unbelievable,even now before really breaking it in! I cannot get over it – full, rich and the string tension feels just right. I am in love with this harp. Thanks to you and Cindy for making this such a pleasant experience! I thought I might be nuts for buying this over the Internet, but I would do it again. It’s absolutely beautiful!” Darcie S, GA

“The harp arrived today in perfect condition. I am very impressed by the quality of workmanship that has gone into the making of the MeadoWind and by the ease of which she can be transported. Terrific value for the money. I think she will be perfect for therapeutic music work. Thank you so much.” Dana K

“Cindy, my lovely harp arrived yesterday! Thanks so much for helping select such a wonderful instrument (Blevins Consort), tell Dwight thanks for adding the feet. They truly do make a difference! …. after talking to you on the phone the day you helped me make my decision, I will feel very comfortable asking you ANYTHING!” Karen M

“Dwight, I wanted to thank both you and Cindy in helping me make my harp selection (Serafym 36) for answering all of my questions, ….(playing harps)..over the phone, and for building such a beautiful sounding, and looking harp! Your help with my novice questions was also very helpful. My instructor is very impressed with the excellent quality and sound…..I am very impressed with the quality and service that your company provides. THANK YOU!” Nancy M, TN

“The harp arrived this morning! (Blevins Sierra) Thank you so much for your help, it’s a beautiful instrument; every bit what we expected and more! It has been a pleasure doing business with you.” Laurie and Melissa C

“My Dulce 26 arrived yesterday and she certainly is a beauty! I am very impressed with the rich but delicate tone quality and am delighted with the graceful lines and curves of the harp. Thank you for yet another masterpiece! A Blevins Harp fan :-)” Deborah B

“Just writing to share how much joy my Bourree 26 has brought into the lives of family and friends. The beautiful Blevins harp is such a huge blessing. I still marvel at its enormous sound.” Karen, CA

(about a Consort 34) “… I just wanted to remark that the instrument is beautiful….. The joinery and finish, in particular, is very smooth and silky. Quality wise, it is hard to tell yours from a more expensive instrument like (can’t say it here) anymore. These instruments are works of art. Cliff S, Nova Scotia

“The Bourree 26 arrived brilliantly packaged this morning, safe and sound…..What a beautiful presence she is in the house, so luminous, with an exquisite cherrywood grain. Her sweet mellow tone fills all the rooms with warmth. I also opened Cindy’s “Interactive Harp” book immediately. The lessons are so clear and easy to follow that I already feel as though I’m a harpist!” Karen L

“I….tell you how very much I love my Consort 36 harp. She’s so beautiful…the cherry is such a warm and inviting wood…and the sound I am able to get from the strings is rich and deep. The advice you gave me to have the feet added was exactly right – I feel very comfortable sitting at my harp. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you took in helping me pick her out. I was nervous about buying a harp “sight unseen” but it was exactly the right choice for me.” Nancy B

“Hi Dwight, Let me take just a moment of your time to thank you for the fine harp you built for Mary Kate. When she was playing it last Sunday I caught myself marveling at its tonal quality and deep resonance. Keep up the great work! Wayne J, FL”

“Hello. Just had to write and let y’all know how much I adore my new MeadoWind 36! Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the sound is gorgeous and the weight/size is perfect. What a fabulous harp to take around to all my gigs. Thanks for such a fantastic design. Another job well done. I’m certainly a die-hard Blevins harp fan. :)” Deborah B.

“THE HARP (Aspen 27) CAME AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, love it, love it and it is easier to hold than I thought it would be. It is wonderful, and I can tell it will have a great sound once it’s broken in and I’m looking forward to that very much. Such a snazzy design and comfortable too. I can’t thank you enough!!!!!!!! My (Aspen) harp is absolutely beautiful and it has exceeded my expectations. I’m thoroughly delighted with it!!!” Karin B, MO

“She (new MeadoWind 36) arrived in perfect condition…I played her for hours. She is like a little jewel, with a sweet, clear voice and responsive touch. I can hardly believe how lightweight she is. I look forward very much to using her in bedside work; she’s so easy to transport. You were right – I am just delighted.” JoAnne C

“My Consort 36 that I received on February 2 (2007) has such a wonderful voice! It just gets better and better. Thank you so much!” Karen G, NY
“The thanks are all mine. Never, when I picked Dwight’s harp out of a roomful back around 1999, did I think I would find such friends. And such a wonderful composer.” Debbie W, PA

“I’ve had a Blevins Encore 34 for 8 years now, since I started harp at 18. It’s a wonderful, sturdy thing – it made it through two years in a college dorm! and it continues to be a dependable old friend and a constant source of joy.” Michelle

“Dear Dwight: I love my new BlevinSong harp!!! It is simply beautiful and sounds wonderful. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful this harp is. It was well worth the wait. Thanks again.” Mavis W, Canada

“Hello Dwight and Cindy, I received the Espre 36 today safe and sound. Thank you so much for a most beautiful harp. It has been a pleasure working through you.” David L

“…my daughter loves it (her Avebury 26 harp.) The harp is beautiful and has a nice sound for being only 26 strings… won rave reviews at the harp circle..for having such a nice sound for its size. A couple of people said they were going to contact you about “travel” harps. My thanks to both you and Dwight for being so helpful, as always, during the harp purchase process. And special thanks to Dwight for his artistry.” Michal B

“I think my new little harp (MeadoWind 34) and I are going to be very happy together, and I love your music, Cindy. Please relay to Dwight how sweet the harp is sounding, and it’s just settling in. Thanks for a job well done – both of you.” Marlea C, OH

“Just wanted to let you know that the Encore 34 arrived safely today. It is beautiful. I haven’t had a chance to tune it really well yet, but the sound still suprised me. It has a big sound and sings for a good while. Thanks so much for everything. Excellent packing by the way. I can’t wait to play it.” Janine M

“Hi Dwight, My new cherry Eden 26 arrived safe and sound and her lovely, clear voice is already a joy to hear. She’s everything I thought she’d be, but I have to tell you, I was blown away by her resonance, full sound, and depth fo tone. Wow! After a few moments, I even forget I’m playing a small harp. Thanks for a great instrument. With Cindy’s lap harp compilation, she’ll be perfect for harp therapy and I know we’ll have many happy years together. If you ever need any Canadian references, I’ll provide them with pleasure.” Kim S, Canada

(about new MeadoWind 34 harp) “It is beautiful. It just looks wonderful. I love the feeling of the tauter strings. I no longer have to curb my fingers from plucking too hard. That’s what I meant when I said my little (non-Blevins harp, can’t name it here) was unreliable. Thank you for doing such wonderful work.” Loraine L. Ohio

“I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for my beautiful BlevinSong 36! The tone is so deliciously mellow and warm …. I sat down this evening to tune it up again and start to practice – not only did I master sixths as though I’d been doing them for years, but I inadvertantly discovered harmonics. This is obviously a match made in Harp Heaven. Thank you again for making such a wonderful instrument!” Briony

“I just wanted to let you know that this is absolutely the ideal harp for me! (Ariel 38) I have played many harps, including the more expensive (can’t name it here) that I am training on, and this harp is truly superior in every way. It is above and beyond what I imagined. It is so stunning! Organic Elegance! Nature Glorified! Every little point and curve is exquisitely designed and balanced. It is absolutely my dream of a harp. I did not want something unnecessarily ornate, I wanted something earthy and powerful and elegant at the same time. She is just gorgeous!!! And then there is her sound!!!! wow!!!! What a voice!!!!!!! I just wanted to tell you that your craftsmanship and earthy aesthetic are the perfect combination for what I see as the ideal harp! I will spread the good word about Blevins whereever I go forever!” Kelly Miller-Lopez

“I really enjoy my Encore 34. The tone is superb: warm, with good sustain and good volume. It seems to be perfect for accompanying my voice….this harp is my main harp and best buddy!” Mary L

“Just a quick note to let you know that I love my Consort! I have found a harp teacher (yay)… and she loves my Consort as well. I have learned so much in the last 3 weeks. Your books are also a huge help and I’ve been practicing a lot. Thanks again to you both for your help and for such a quality and beautiful instrument! It’s the best!” Karen IN

“Hello and greetings from Germany! I just would like to thank you for quality and sound of one of your harps – a Cynde 30 which I bought in 2006 at Glissando (our harp dealer in Germany). Although I went there to buy another (much cheaper, second hand) harp, your harp was love at first sight and seemed superior in sound and feel compared to all their many other harps. I play every single day with joy on this harp, and want to give my compliments from beyond the ocean.” Chrys J, Germany

“Hi Dwight, ……And by the way, my little harp (the Eden 26) is soooooooo wonderful! Everyone raves over its magical sound, and even two people with …. pedal harps have raved over how wonderful it sounds! What an awesome harp. I’m so glad I bought it.” Tammy S

“My teacher recommends your harps to her students. She said they are well made and have a beautiful sound. Because I really wanted a nice, mellow sound, I decided on the Consort.” Laura C

“Just wanted to let you know that I am having a ball with my Bourree 26. I’ve made it part of my regular background music act, and people are just fascinated by a harp that can be worn on a sling. For such a small harp, it has a remarkably big sound. Kids really like to see it sitting on its stand…it’s not as intimidating as the concert pedal harp, so they’re more relaxed touching it while it is securely seated.” Cathy H

“…Blevins Harps, i.e. you and Dwight are all over the net in harpers’ comments and advice about high quality harps, great workmanship and total honesty and integrity. Which I have now seen first hand.” Becky S, NE

“…(at a harp workshop)..over 30 fellow harpers were in attendance. I lost count on how many folks came to me to share their comments that they felt my Espre 36 in walnut had the richest tone and the best sound of many of the harps in the room. They also remarked about the beautiful finish. They repeatedly stated how they had heard that Blevins was a wonderful shop to deal with..others also complimented you on your incredible professionalism and sincere interest in their harp musicianship. As for me, I am very happy with my harp and look forward to many years of performance (with it). Mary R, NY

“I received the Bourree 26 harp yesterday. It was very well packed and undamaged. The overall appearance and craftsmanship is grand, and the sound is bright. For a small harp, it resonates well and has a large sound. I can not wait to routinely play it.” Charles I, NY

“I purchased my first harp, a Blevins Espre 36 some two years ago, and was very pleased with the sound and its quality. At different musical gatherings, harp professionals…were surprised at its powerful and beautiful voice. Since purchased two years ago, the harp has been transported on numerous occasions and at times handled roughly. The harp has endured with remarkable resiliency and still plays exceptionally well. At times I have called Mr. Blevins for help on regulating and keeping the harp in good condition. He has always responded with quick, insightful and accurate help, as if I were his best customer. Thank you, Dwight Blevins.” David B, MA

“Dear Dwight and Cindy, I am so happy with my Aspen 27! I do not like buying a harp without playing it. But I explained to you what I needed. You were so patient with me and even played it for me on the phone. You explained what you thought would be the ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’ for me. Since the harp has such a unique shape, you even mentioned that there would be some ‘awkwardness’ that I might have to get used to.