Blevins Harps Accessories

In this section, you can purchase Blevins Harps string sets, mono filament strings and standard tuning keys. You can download string charts (free) for each of our harp models. You will also find information should you need a harp case or harp strap. All of the items are in the drop-down menu.

***The harp-making part of our business is for sale. It includes the harp patterns (approximately 90 of them), the blevins harps domain name, the Blevins Harps website (which can be re-hosted intact as it was before we retired it in early 2018) and the 27 years of goodwill. We also have some misc. tools and equipment which would be negotiable with the sale of the business should you want them. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Any reasonable offer will be considered.**