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I call this my “blank” blog page. If you have something to ask me, or something you want to discuss, feel free to begin the discussion using the comment section. If the subject matter is appropriate to this website, or music in general, I will approve your comment so it will become public and we can start a discussion. Always feel free to contact me using the contact page too.

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The New Website

After three months plus of long, long days (and a couple of all-nighters) learning HOW to make my new website and then actually building it, it is fairly complete now. Why did I make this website? For 12 years my website has lived on a zen cart platform. It was originally set up for me, and although I increased the size and scope of it as my music work grew, I never really understood the inner workings of it. Updating the platform seemed like an impossible task, so I just never did. It had a security certificate, and was perfectly safe for shopping and browsing, but I was very tired of it.

The WordPress “seed” was planted in me by a friend, as something that was easily update-able and could be kept really secure. It has the added benefits of a blog! So if you want to drop by and say hello, ask me questions, interact with other people, feel free to do that.

When I began this process, I was frankly terrified. I happened upon some online courses in “beginning wordpress,” and that got me started. But I still needed an eCommerce site, so after some googling around, I found Woocommerce. I installed that and learned my way around it just by trying. Trial and error.  The terror faded a bit as the pure drudgery of loading in hundreds and hundreds of products, with their images, samples, audio samples, etc., kicked in.

How to go about it? How to organize it? How to make it look nice? How to speed it up? These are all things I have been dealing with. Along with learning about website security, search engine optimization, and how the heck to actually connect up PayPal! But I managed it all because I never quit. I just kept working.

This site is the result. I hope you will enjoy browsing and shopping here. You can review products, “like” and “share” on Facebook, and contact me any time via the contact form.

If you choose to join this blog, keep in mind that comments must be approved, and you must leave your name and email in order to comment. This is just to cut down on spam and other snarky comments that inevitably occur on blogs :-).

I have created a “blank” blog page. If you have something you want to ask me about, talk about, a new subject to begin a conversation about, add a comment or question to that page.