Bourree 26

The Bourree 26 is a lovely, rich-sounding lap harp. Pictured in walnut wood.

Measurements: 35″ x 21.5″ x 9″

Approximate weight: 8.5 lb., depending upon wood type. For example, a Bourree 26 in butternut wood would weigh approx. 7.25 lb.

String range: C5 up to G

String spacing at middle C: 14.5 mm

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CFB Loveland levers: $1519.00

Full Loveland levers: $1935.00

CFB Truitt levers: $1715.00

Full Truitt levers: $2185.00

Options not included in the above price:

Harp case: $225.00

String set: $90.00

USA shipping: $175.00

Decorative rosettes: $90.00

Harp stand: $140.00

This Bourree 26 is in red-flamed box elder wood: