Cameo 23, Red-Flamed Box Elder

I am constantly surprised by what comes out of our shop. This wood is more sophisticated, not as vivid, as some of our red-flamed box elder harps, but it is completely beautiful, with its blend of cream, gray, pink and red.

This harp package includes the harp shown in the picture, full Truitt levers and case for $2,575.00.

The same package with only CFB Truitt levers would be $2,340.00.

This harp when fully levered will weigh approximately 7.4 pounds. The sound will be wonderful. The box elder wood gives the sound a nice texture. We have made many harps of this wood, and they are always loved by their owners.

If you need partial levers, but more than “CFB,” please contact us for pricing. Due to the size of this harp, we will only put Truitt levers on it.

Dimensions: 29″ h x 19″ x 8.5″ w 23 strings, C5 up to d.

String spacing at Middle C: 14.5 mm.

Options, not included in the above price:

Spare String Set $ 90.00
Padded Case $220.00
Shipping, Continental US (inquire for other shipping charges) $155.00