Cameo 28

The Cameo 28 is for those who want the petite loveliness of the Cameo harp but with a lower bass range.

This harp can be made out of any of our standard woods, as well as special figured woods.

Dimensions: 33″ h  x 22″ x 9.5″ w

Approximate weight: 9.5  lb. (more or less, depending upon wood species).

String range: F5 (1.5 octaves below middle C) up to E. There are four wire bass strings, and the rest are nylon.

String spacing at middle C: 14.25 mm

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CFB Loveland levers: $1849.00

Full Loveland levers: $2265.00

CFB Truitt levers: $2029.00

Full Truitt levers: $2590.00

Options not included in the above price:

Harp case: $230.00

String set: $185.00

USA shipping: $175.00

Decorative rosettes: $90.00

Harp stand: $140.00

Pictured below is a Cameo 28 with a LeStik:












“Hi Cindy, My new Cameo 28 harp arrived safely today. It is very beautiful, and although the strings are still stretching, it has an incredible sound. Thank you so much for all your help!” Annita

“Hi Cindy, My new harp (Cameo 28) has now settled into itself with tuning, and I am enjoying playing it. It has the lovely low tones I had wanted, yay! I am delighted. Thank you so much for creating this instrument.” Mary U, WI

“Please let Dwight know that I love the new harp. It’s doing really well. I played last night and again this morning. I couldn’t believe it but some of the strings even held the pitch overnight. And the tone is already settling in and improving. Having those extra low notes means I can lower some pieces that have been written for the upper register and that’s very nice, because it gives a fuller sound despite the smaller size. It also gives variety, as I can play one section as written, another an octave lower. So I’m already having fun with it.”

From MJ, about her Cameo 28 (the red-flamed one in the photo above): “I just wanted you to know that I’ve been playing the new Cameo and I absolutely LOVE it. Tell Dwight that I can’t stop playing it since I brought it home. It’s just so wonderful.”