Eden 29 (mid-size)

The amazing sound of the rounded bout, and the almost lute-shaped sound box of the Eden series has made them some of our most sought after smaller harps. The Eden 29 is more a mid-size than a lap harp.

The decorative rosettes are included in the price. They are carved wood rosettes which are set in to the soundboard.

Measurements: 39″ x 24″ x 11″

Approximate weight: 12.4 lb., depending upon wood type.

String range: G5 (one and a half octaves below middle C) up to G (You can also have it made F to F).

String spacing at middle C: 14.5 mm

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CFB Loveland levers: $1819.00

Full Loveland levers: $2210.00

CFB Truitt levers: $2039.00

Full Truitt levers: $2529.00

Options not included in the above price:

Harp case: $230.00

String set: $165.00

USA shipping: $210.00

Harp stand: $150.00