Harp Minus One (Play your Native American flute with harp tracks)

These materials are for those who play Native American flute (or regular flute) and wish they had a harpist to play duets with. The “minus one” of “Harp Minus One” is the flute part. If you are playing a Native American flute, it must be in the key of mid-A, to work with the play-along tracks. Each download includes a “read me” sheet with some tips and directions (should you need them), a flute part eBook with harp note cues at the beginning (so that you will know when to start playing) and mp3 play-along harp tracks. There are four books of Harp Minus One. Click on a book title below.

Harp Minus One, Christmas
Harp Minus One, Melodic Meditations
Harp Minus One, Hymns and Patriotic Songs
Harp Minus One, Folk Songs