Harp String Ranges and Labels

What does “C6” mean in relation to middle C?  How do I interpret the string ranges on my harp?

Like most harp makers, we number our strings from the top (shortest) to the bottom (longest) string. The harp string octave goes from F up to E in any given octave, with middle C being in the middle of the 4th octaive. This is standard string octave “numbering.”

Therefore, if a harp model begins on the C below middle C, that lowest note is called C5. C6 is the C TWO octaves below middle C. C3 is the C an octave ABOVE middle C.

So the octave of strings around middle C from the F below looks like this:

F4, G4, A4, B4, C4 (middle C), D4, E4…and then F3.

It’s easy once you get used to it.