LeStik by Blevins

The LeStik easily attaches to the back of your lap harp like a lap bar, and then extends to the floor to support the harp. Adjustable height, comes with slip case. Turns your lap harp into a comfortable “floor harp.”

Made to the length you specify (up to 30 inches), of cherry, walnut, maple or mahogany, $219, shipped price to any point in the USA. LeStiks made of special figured woods or stains, $275.00 (ask about choices). *Some lap or medium size harps that weigh over 10 pounds may require an extra heavy-duty LeStik, so ask upon order and add $20.00 to the price.

To measure for a LeStik, take a straight edge and measure at “playing angle” from the middle of the bottom back hole of your harp to the floor. Measuring from the middle gives you a few inches of adjustment potential. The hole needs to be at least 2″ wide, and not more than 3″ wide. The height or length of the hole doesn’t matter. Please ask about lap harps other than Blevins lap harps, to make sure a LeStik will work for you, as they are not returnable.

LeStiks can take several weeks until shipping. If you have special time requirements, please let us know when you order.