As a musician who plays many instruments, I am sometimes “grabbed” in a heartbeat….by something new!  The most recent instrument to call out to me was mandolin. Go figure THAT.

My instrument is a Pomeroy A-2, which I helped design. Actually, I didn’t design it as such…I just chose the look of it (I wanted a very natural look), and I chose the decorations. It came out beautifully, and sometime I will be able to do it justice. It was made by Don Paine in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Because I find writing irresistible, I have written three books (so far) of harp and mandolin duets. I play mandolin in the “classical” style. That means…not so big on the chords and strumming, but big on the notes and cross-picking! The mandolin parts in these books are for any player who has had a bit of mandolin experience and knows how to read the notes.  Of course, the mandolin is written both in notation and TAB, so you really don’t have to know the notes. I hope you will enjoy these arrangements.

These books are download (eBook) only. You receive a pdf containing the mandolin parts, harp parts, scores and the stand-alone mandolin solos of each of the 10 pieces. You also receive the 10 mp3s of play-along harp recordings. The mandolin solos are a bit more complex than the mandolin parts (that go with the harp parts), as they need to carry the song with no accompaniment to help fill in. You can play them along with the harp parts if you want to. The mandolin parts and solos are in notation and TAB.

The mp3 play-along harp files were recorded in strict time due to the “play-along” aspect. When you are playing the duets with a partner, or playing the mandolin solos, you can feel to emote (musically, that is).

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