Misty Morning Music

Denise Baxter-Yoder is a singer/songwriter with the American group Puddingstone, located in North Carolina. She has expanded her musical directions becoming, along with Suzanne Williams, a founding member of the harp/flute dueo Tapestry. Her collaboration as lyricist with composer Cindy Blevins has been a major focus in the development of new musical projects.

Cindy Blevins is a Colorado-based harp teacher and composer. Her harp music is played by harpists all over the world. She fell into song-writing almost by accident when she was asked permission by Denise to use her music in the creation of songs.










This section is all about this collaboration. There is nothing to purchase in this area. It is purely information. You can watch videos featuring some of the songs, and just listen to those which do not have a video. Or you can visit the Misty Morning Music section of my YouTube channel.

If you would like to cover any of these songs, please contact Cindy.

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