Natural or Stained Wood?

“I read on your website that some harps are made out of certain woods (like cherry or walnut) and some harps are stained, and it doesn’t give a wood type. What’s up with that?”

Virtually all the “stained” harps are made of light-colored woods. Most often we would use silver maple or sycamore, since they are blond or cream-colored and easy to stain. However, we have also used ash and sassafras for stained harps.

There is a variety of wood species that we might stain. In every case, we can check a specific harp and let you know what wood was used, although this information is not typically listed on the website. We only list the stained harps by color (i.e. rose, cherry, etc.). Of course, once stained, the wood gets the clear lacquer finish, just like any other harp.

If the listing states a specific wood species by name, but does not say “stained,” then it will be the natural wood stated, with clear lacquer finish. That is, if the listing says walnut wood, it is truly walnut wood and not just a walnut stain.