Our warranty

Blevins Harps are warranted against manufacturer’s defects, to the original purchaser, for the period specified at the time of sale. Normal warranty is three years (two years for cross and double harps).  Discounted harps (when we have them) have a one-year warranty.

Should warranty service become necessary, we reserve the right to either repair or replace a defective item with one of equal value. Repair or replacement of harps with the term of warranty will be performed free of charge. However, it is the responsibility of the customer to either deliver or ship the harp to our facility in Grand Junction, Colorado and then pick it up or arrange for prepaid return shipment when repairs are completed. Harp repairs done by a third party will void your warranty, so in the rare instance of a “harp problem,” please contact us first.

Our warranty does not apply in cases where instruments have been abused or accidentally damaged. Warranty does not apply in the case of harp damage due to malfunction of harp straps or case straps. Always check your straps, use common sense when carting your harp. and especially, realize that our harp straps are meant to stabilize the harp on your lap. They are not meant to take the full weight of a harp while you are standing.

Warranty does not apply to strings at any time, nor to the normal regulation of sharping levers during the warranty period. Your harp is shipped perfectly regulated and perfectly packed. If regulation goes “out” during transit (which would be extremely rare), this is not covered under the warranty, as we can not oversee how the harp is handled getting from us to you.

Harp cases have a one-year warranty against normal use.