50 Progressive Short Solos, for Lap Harp




This book contains 50 one-page harp solos, ordered progressively from easiest to most difficult. The actual difficulty range is approximately easy to intermediate. You can use these pieces as melodic studies, as teaching/learning pieces, at gigs, etc. Many of the pieces contain some fingerings and brackets. None of the pieces include chord symbols.  There are no levering changes within any of the pieces. To play every solo, you will need to have levers on C, F and B strings. There are solos in the keys of C, F, G and D, along with related minor keys.

The lap harp version was written to a standard lap harp range with C below middle C as the lowest note.

The “regular” version is written with a low note of F5 (one and a half octaves below middle C).

The contents of these books are identical accept for the arrangements. The pieces are in the same keys between versions, however, these books are not written as “duet” books. Their usefulness as large harp/small harp duets has not been evaluated.

Because of the intricacies of writing for certain ranges, in certain keys, two of the solos are exactly the same, in both lap harp and regular versions.

There are no tempo indications in these solos. I encourage you to play at a comfortable tempo when working on a piece. If you purchase the recordings, listen to them knowing that they are played the way I was feeling them on recording day. My recordings are not intended as play-alongs. They are done so that you can hear generally what the music sounds like. You may want to play something slower or faster than I recorded it.

In the drop-down menu below, you can choose from the book, the eBook and mp3 download. The eBook is also available on Sheet Music Plus, along with the single mp3s, in case you just need a couple of them and not the entire 50-recording set.

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“50 Progressive Short Solos” is every harper’s dream – 50 original tunes , most of which are sight-readable the first time around, and which can be repeated or put together according to the whimsy of the player to make longer pieces. Also – they are perfect for beginning students who want to be able to play “real pieces” right away! The pieces provide fun for players of all levels.” Jeannette D, CA

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50 Progressive Short Solos, Lap Harp

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