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The Bedside Lap Harp Compendium is a version of the Lap Harp Compendium. Unlike the original (Lap Harp Compendium), this music has been edited and re-arranged so that all 56 pieces are in the key of C or am or modal, with no levers needed. The pieces can be played by 24-string harps with C below middle C, and many of the pieces only require 22 strings. An important addition to this version of the book is chord symbols.

In the drop-down menu below, you can choose from book, eBook, the two-CD set, mp3 download and book/CDs combo. You will also find a spiral-bound book of flute parts, an eBook of flute parts and an eBook of clarinet parts. There are parts which match every song from both versions of the book. The Bedside Lap Harp Compendium eBook is also available on Sheet Music Plus.

You can view samples of every song  in the book. These samples are from the “regular” version (The Lap Harp Compendium). The only difference in the books is that the Bedside pieces are ALL in the key of C or related minor (no sharps or flats).

Listen to Falling to Heaven


Listen to Morning Mist


Listen to ‘Round Midnight


Listen to Speak Softly


I have a few copies of this book written in treble clef only. If you prefer that version (for example, if you do not like reading bass clef) please put a note with your order, or send me an email, so that I can send you the treble/treble version (only available “in print”). It is the exact same music and sound, the CDs still match the book, it is just written all in treble clef.

If you would rather play the music in its original keys, please see the Lap Harp Compendium. The Lap Harp Compendium eBook is also available on Sheet Music Plus.

Also available: Flute parts book and eBook, and clarinet parts eBook. There are parts to match every piece from both Lap Harp Compendium versions, so whether you have the original or the Bedside version of the book, these books of instrumental parts will match. Click to view flute parts samples. Click to view clarinet parts samples. The eBook of flute parts is also available on Sheet Music Plus. The eBook of Clarinet Parts is also available on Sheet Music Plus.










“Dear Cindy, I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Lap Harp Compendium that I received from you last week. I have pretty much played no other music but that since it came out of my mailbox! I am especially fond of Illusions of Love, I just wish it would stop playing in my head! It’s stuck on a loop and playing all the time. Don’t you hate it when that happens? Thankfully it’s a beautiful melody, so if something needs to be stuck, it’s a good choice! First Bloom is another one of my favorites, though I’m finding that piece rather difficult to play. For me, it’s the most challenging piece in the book. It looks so simple, but looks can be deceiving! Thank you for writing such lovely music, what a wonderful gift you share with us!” Susan P

“Oh. My. Goodness. Wow, Cindy…may I count the ways I love your music? Your harmonies are just wonderful, as are the voicings. Your left hand patterns are interesting and varied. Your melodies are just delightful. The skills I will be able to teach through these are so exciting! You cover the ENTIRE range of the harp – good for you! I LOVE your 2nds!!! And 7ths and 9ths, but especially your 2nds!!! Your pieces will take my students to the next level. Your compositions are solid and fun and tuneful. You leave the fingering to the harpist. I love that you used 6/4 time!!! And that’s really just for starters – I haven’t gotten to the other books yet!”  Edie Elkan, Founding Director, Bedside Harp


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Bedside Lap Harp Compendium

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