The Blevins Collection, Vol. 1, Elementary, for C Clarinet




The Elementary book is 30 studies, 30 pages. This book is not for very beginners. You need a certain amount of facility, range and music-reading/counting skills to begin working with this book. There are 90 pages of piano accompaniments for this book. The piano parts are included in the eBook.

Keep in mind that I transposed the studies for C clarinet so that they match the play-alongs. That puts them in different keys from the original (Bb clarinet) books, and those are not always easy keys. View the samples to see if the C clarinet version will be a fit for you. The piano scores show the Bb clarinet parts, but that should not be a problem.

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Click to hear Elementary #15 with C clarinet and the optional play-along piano part.



“I am impressed with the progression of difficulty!  It seems very logical and introduces new issues and problems to overcome in a very progressive manner.  Bravo!  The great thing is also that the studies are melodic and are musical, and will be fun and interesting.   They are not just exercises which have no redeeming musical interest.  I think that you have done a really great thing for the clarinet community.”  Mike Lomax  (click to read about his hand-crafted clarinet mouthpieces and other great clarinet products.)

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Elementary Clarinet Studies

Elementary Spiral-bound Book, Elementary eBook (Download), mp3 Download, Book/CD combo, Three-book set, Three books/three CD set


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