Blevins Harps String Sets by Model Name, M – Z




This page contains model names from M to Z. If you don’t find your harp model, email us.

If you are looking for a single string (or otherwise not a full set), mono filament strings can be purchased here. Please note, the wrapped nylon and wire strings in the lower octaves of your harp can not be purchased online except within the full sets, or by special order. You would have to contact us about that.

Additional information

String Sets

Meadosong 36, MeadoWind 34, MeadoWind 36, Melody 26, Mezzo 23, Mira 26, Mira 30, Phoenix 29, Reve 31, Reve 34, Reve 36, RiverSong 34, RiverSong 36, Sedona 34, Serafym 36, Serenade 31, Sierrasong 30, Skye 24, Sonata 36, Sonnet 30, Tempest 40, Vesper 26, Vesper 26/18, Xena, Xenith, Xerafym 36/25, Xyla 26/18, Xythara 24/17, Xythia 31/21