Harp Strings by Gauge




Please note: these strings are approximately 40″ in length, so some of them will give you several cuts. If you are purchasing a lower string, it may only give you one or two, depending upon the size of your harp. These are MONO FILAMENT strings. They are not wrapped nylon strings or wrapped wire strings. They are for the upper octaves of your harp. If you look on the string chart which comes with your harp, these are the strings that begin with #1 and go to however many mono filament strings you have on your harp. They are available in .025, .028, .032, .036, .040, .045, .050, .055 and .060.

Please select the correct color as well as gauge, according to your string chart. Blue strings sometimes come in green or black, instead of blue. We have no control over that. Single strings are not returnable. They will be mailed within a few business days. If by chance your string selection is back-ordered, we will let you know.

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Clear, Red, Blue/Dark


.025, .028, .032, .036, .040, .045, .050, .055, .060