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This book contains 14 beautiful hymns from the Feast of Favorites series of books, in easy arrangements. Not “simple,” but easy. The integrity and interest of each solo is there, just less notes, for the not-so-advanced player. If I couldn’t (in my opinion) make something sound good “easy,” I did not use it in the book.

The pieces include chord symbols and some fingerings. There is a short text on fingerings and brackets, and a primer on using the chord symbols. There is also a section of hints and tips on many of the arrangements, making this a “learning” book as well as a “playing” book.

You need C below middle C and 24 strings to play this book. No levers needed. View Easy Hymns Contents. Click to view Easy Hymns Samples.

In the drop-down menu, you can choose from book, eBook, CD, mp3 download, book/CD combo, set of three books, set of three CDs and the set of three books/CDs. The eBook is also available on Sheet Music Plus.

If you prefer sheet music (single songs), these are all available on Sheet Music Plus. Click on a song title and you will go right to that song’s listing. Each listing includes a long sample and an audio sample. The full mp3s (of the regular harp version) of each piece are also available on Sheet Music Plus. If you go to my complete catalogue there and type in a title in the search box, you will find the mp3.

Listen to This Is My Father’s World


Listen to For the Beauty of the Earth


There are many uses for this book:

A not so advanced player can play with a wind player or violinist, using the “Feast of Flute Parts” or “Feast of Clarinet Parts” instant ensembles books along with this book for the harpist.

A harp teacher can play the original versions from the Feast of Favorites books, while the student plays this easier version.  Wonderful ensemble experience.

Your harp circle can play the pieces, with some playing the original version, some playing the easy version.

Two harp players can play with a violin or wind player for a lovely trio.

A more beginning harp player who longs to play these beautiful pieces does not have to struggle with the original versions.

Keep in mind that these pieces were arranged as harp solos easier to play than the original versions in the Feast of Favorites books.  They are not necessarily “beginner” pieces. They were not specifically arranged to be perfect duets with the original versions or the flute parts.  But they should work fine most of the time.  No time signatures or keys were altered.

*No lever or pedal changes within the pieces*

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Easy Favorites Hymns

Spiral-bound Book, eBook (Download), CD, mp3 Download, Book/CD combo, Three-book set, Three-CD set, Three books/three CD set


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