Gentility Harp Duets


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This book of harp duets is available as an eBook only, and can be purchased on this page. You will receive the Harp I parts, the Harp II parts and the scores for those who want to see how the parts fit together. A total of 196 pages.

Harp I needs to be a floor harp (31 strings and up depending upon range). Harp II parts can be played by lap harps, and the parts are easier.

Click to view music samples. These samples are the first page of each score. Keep in mind that arrangements generally start out more simply and become more interesting as they go.

The eBook and single duets are available at Sheet Music Plus. Click here for the eBook. Click on a song title below to get to that product on Sheet Music Plus.

The songs included in the book are: Alanna’s Daughters, Falling to Heaven, Gentle Rain, Heaven Sent, In the Morning, Lullaby, Pieces of Heaven, Quiet in Six-Four Time, Rainbow, Reflections on the Water, Remember Me, Remembrance, Still Waters, Summer Aire, Summer Solstice, The Aspen Tree, The Blue Heron, The Quiet One, The Summer of Mars, Thinking of You, Water’s Edge, Whispers, Winter Whispers and Winter White.