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I frequently receive emails asking for help with fingerings. It has always been my opinion that anyone is capable of figuring out their harp fingerings if they are taught the basic concepts. Hence this book. It includes 140 pages of text, exercises, examples and step-by-step instructions. There are chapters on placing, crossing, playing scales, triads, even on accompaniment styles for your left hand. The last chapter is “practical applications” of these concepts, using 15 of my own harp solos from my various books, explaining them, fingering them, showing how to apply all of the concepts from the previous chapters.

*Harp In Hand, The Harp In Hand Companion and (Un)Tangled Fingers can all be purchased as downloads at Sheet Music Plus. Click on a book title after the * to go there!

Harp In Hand is a wonderful addition to my Interactive Harp books, and is very valuable on its own. If you have ever wanted to make sense out of harp fingerings, and understand how, why and when we “place and cross,” this book was written for you.

Harp In Hand has two optional companion books. They can also be stand-alone books. You can read about them on their own product pages by clicking on the book covers below. The same drop-down menu is on all three book pages for convenience.









In the drop-down menu, you can choose from a variety of options:

  • Harp In Hand book ($42.95)
  • Harp In Hand eBook ($37.95)
  • Harp In Hand Companion ($29.95)
  • Harp In Hand Companion eBook ($25.95)
  • Harp In Hand Companion mp3s ($14.00)
  • (Un)tangled Fingers ($29.95)
  • (Un)Tangled Fingers eBook ($25.95)
  • Harp In Hand with Harp In Hand Companion ($67.95)
  • (Un)tangled Fingers with Harp In Hand Companion ($54.95)
  • Harp In Hand with (Un)tangled Fingers ($67.95)
  • Three-book set (92.95)

In the drop-down, which could get a bit confusing with all of these options, HH = Harp In Hand, and the three-book set includes Harp In Hand, HH Companion and (Un)tangled Fingers.

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“My advanced beginners are enjoying working with Harp In Hand and overjoyed that they are learning to do their own brackets and fingering. It’s a good book, and very user friendly because it starts out so simply, and because your explanations are very thorough. I like your “points to ponder!”  JD in CA

“Hi Cindy, the music arrived earlier this week – thank you for getting it here almost as fast as an eBook! We had a couple of days off due to some icy weather so I had a chance to really look at your books. I am impressed by your work and look forward to really playing your pieces as my skills develop. I am very happy to have Harp In Hand – what a super resource! Your writing is easy to read and your explanations make perfect sense. I believe that your materials will support my teacher’s assignments quite nicely.” Lynn B, TX

“I am really enjoying Harp In Hand. What a lot of work that must have been! It’s so helpful – and the exercises sound good, too!” Leigh, OR

“Today I took Harp In Hand with me to teach a student. She and I worked through some of the placement exercises in Lesson 9 and 10 as that is where she gets confused the most. I can tell you she was delighted with the exercise and seemed to really get it. It was very, very helpful. She bought the book from me on the spot – hence me buying another one.” Peggy B, GA


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Harp In Hand

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