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Harp Sense contains 65 pages of the kind of information you may not have gleaned from your harp lessons, or your self-taught harp experiences. There are 34 musical examples and four supplementary harp solos. It is not a “music book” of harp pieces. The mp3 downloads are free.

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“Dear Cindy, I just had to give you feedback about Harp Sense. It was worth waiting for this gem. I read the whole PDF as soon as I received it. Like a great book, it was hard to put down. You clarified so many issues I had. I am now timing my practices, which has helped with my focus. You totally clarified my levers and the circle of fifths. Thank you, thank you. Never stop writing these books/instructions. I am a super satisfied customer. I will be ordering more books from you in the near future.” Alicia J, AZ

“Hi Cindy, I agree completely with Olivia’s review of your book Harp Sense. I am just more than halfway through and have already gotten so much out of it! The explanation of the circle of fifths was especially enlightening. Though I’ve barely studied music theory, had this concept been explained to me by several professional musicians, and been a musician myself for many years, I never quite grasped the circle of fifths until Harp Sense came along.” Lois H, NH

“I’ve read through Harp Sense already and listened to all the example recordings. Although I’ve heard and studied this material in many forms before, this book put it together wonderfully in a simple-to-follow manner. It does make sense. Although I am in the “beyond” category, I found the book very helpful, and recommend it for those who come to the harp as adults with not a lot of musical background. I’ll be practicing the exercises today.” Olivia Diamond (novelist, poet and harper)

“I just finished reading through the book and it has really wonderful and important information in it. I had never given the concept of enharmonics a thought and I realize that it is an important thing to understand. The circle of fifths list is so much easier to understand than the typical way it is shown. I loved the glissando section. Mine always sound too “studied” to me. There is so much in there that I wish I knew when I self-started. There are many theory books out there but often not enough honest information about things that could go amiss and make a new harpist discouraged. The book gives important theory without being just another theory book. Long story short, I really like it.” Maryann K, NY

“Cindy, this book is a BRILLIANT idea! No one has ever done this before – amassed all of this kind of information in one place. I got excited just reading the table of contents! It’s very accessible, very “I’m talking to YOU.” You managed to get all of the pertinent information across without sounding so esoteric that the average harp player is not put off. I learned quite a lot just from random reading. I’m very weak in theory and this is a real help. Congratulations, it’s a winner!” Jeannette D, CA


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