Harp Tuning Keys


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These tuning keys are a standard size. They will work on 99.9% of standard through pins. They have a smooth pvc coating. Available colors can be found in the drop-down menu. If your choice says “out of stock,” I may or may not have that color in the future, pending availability from the supplier.

Tuning keys are not returnable.

Please note: if your harp has ZITHER PINS, these keys will not work. You will need a zither pin wrench. How can you tell? Through pins go through the neck to the other side, you use the tuning key in your right hand. Zither pins are usually metal-colored (i.e. nickel-plated or something else that is silver/gray, not black). They do NOT go all the way through, you have to use your left hand to tune.

Pink Tuning Key
Purple Tuning Key
Blue Tuning Key
Green Tuning Key
Red Tuning Key

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Tuning Keys

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