Melodic Meditations I, for Lap Harp




This book contains 10 two-page solos written in the normal lap harp range. That is, if you have C below middle C and 24-26 strings, you can play this book. Click to view music samples. In the drop-down menu, you can choose from book, eBook, CD, mp3 download and book/CD combo.  The eBook is also available at Sheet Music Plus.

If you prefer sheet music (single songs), these are all available on Sheet Music Plus. Click on a song title and you will go right to that song’s listing.  Each listing includes a long sample and an audio sample. The full mp3s of each piece are also available on Sheet Music Plus. If you go to my complete catalogue there and type in a title in the search box, you will find the mp3.

Listen to Memorial for the Lost


Listen to Mystic Cavern


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Melodic Meditations I Lap

Spiral-bound Book, eBook (Download), CD, mp3 Download, Book/CD combo