Your Metronome Doesn’t Hate you. Really!




“Your Metronome Doesn’t Hate you.   Really!”  (28 pages of text with 34 exercises, book with audio recording)  Great for players of any instrument!

“I have tried to use my metronome, but it drives me crazy!”

“I set my metronome really slow but just can’t play with it.”

“I turned on my metronome but ended up throwing it across the room.”

Do any of those statements sound familiar?   I have heard them, and many more, during my many years of teaching music.

I LOVE my metronome. It is an important practice tool, and should be that for you as well.

This book will help you discover how to make friends with your metronome. Once you do, you will be amazed at how helpful it can be.

Due to the nature of this book, the audio recording is not optional.   The book and CD are available as hard copies, and as downloads.   The download includes the eBook and 34 mp3s (one for each exercise in the book).



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Your Metronome Doesn't Hate You

Spiral-bound book with CD, eBook (Download) with mp3s