The Music of the Appointed Times





All things are framed upon a chronology of time. There was a time before the founding of the Americas, before the age of modern science and rapid travel, when knowledge began to greatly increase. There was a time before the Renaissance. There was a time before the flowering of Europe and the Reformation. It was called “the Dark Ages.”

Since those days of darkness much knowledge has been recovered and revealed. But a part of that history, going back to the days of ancient times, has never been fully disclosed. Submerged in the ages of the past, it lies buried in the lyrics of Psalm, in the melodies of the harp and the notes of her seven-string courses. Symmetry, it is said, is the beauty achieved by the balance of form. And it is by and through that symmetry that things, long hidden, are profoundly revealed.

This is a story of time, history, politics and religion, as viewed through the silhouette of the harp and her seven-string notes; sweet and calm, mysterious, controversial and provocative.

Within these pages lies a journey and an adventure – a book of discovery, attempting to convey and describe the amazing beauty of the handiwork of God, in His Music of the Appointed Times.

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358 pages, available in paperback and download. Also available in a two-book set (Music of the Appointed Times and The Last Trump)

Check out the supplemental (and much smaller) book “The Last Trump and the Seven Lamps of Flame.”


“I greatly appreciate having the newly published book, The Music of the Appointed Times, sent to me recently! Thank you so much! The new book is well edited, and every paragraph seems to reveal another pattern or “chord”… It is an extraordinary and inspired work! Amazing!” Carol R.

“The books arrived yesterday. Have just begun Dwight’s book. Man! He grabs you with the very first paragraph. I’m going to enjoy this read.” K Ross, TX

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Appointed Times

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