I Have My Native American Flute! Now What?




There are many, many players of Native American flutes.   I have come to realize that the “norm” is to just…play!   Play for yourself, play by a stream, play in a cave, play in your living room. You don’t need to know any “rules of music,” or even how to read music!   And that is just fine.   I really enjoy picking up my flutes and just playing, no written music, no pressure.

However, I can tell from the popularity of my Native American flute learning materials, and my NA flute/harp duet books, that there ARE players who like to read notes, or want to learn, so that they can play pieces that are written out. Or they can play with their harp friends, or play my “Harp Minus One” solos, playing along with the harp part. That requires note reading, and an understanding of your own flute and its notes.

I wrote this book after getting several requests by new NA flute players, wanting to know how to learn to play.  Let me reiterate…it is a “note reading” book, and it is for Mid-A flutes, so that you can learn your notes on the staff, learn what notes your flute actually has.

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What This Book Is

This book is a learn to play guide for six-hole Native American flutes in the key of Mid-A. It takes you on a journey with your flute, from lowest note to highest, and every note in between, using progressive exercises and songs. With practice, you can become an accomplished player. When you understand your flute’s notes on the staff, you can then play a variety of written music, including my own many arrangements and original solos.

What This Book is Not

It is not a “learn music” book or a “learn to count” book.   It assumes you already have basic music skills. I do talk about key signatures a couple of times, however, as well as tonguing, slurring and enharmonic notes.   Each track is recorded, and the mp3s are all labeled by track number so you will have no trouble figuring out which track to listen to, if you need help with rhythm or just want to know what an exercise or song sounds like.

This is also not a guide to choosing Native American flutes or caring for them. There are many resources available with that information.

This book has a companion book, 20/20/20. Click on the book cover to visit that book.












“Dear Cindy, I am so relieved I have your NA flute book! I find your presentation clear and easily understood. I had previously bought the book that Ed has on his website and believe it is good for technique, but it really confuses me about notes.  Having your book dedicated to the mid-A flute and its notes facilitates my understanding. I like the way it is laid out with the notes on the staff next to the corresponding 6-hole images. It is tremendously helpful. Thank you!”  Dianna O

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NA Flute Learn To Play Guide

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