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This book contains 14 original harp pieces written in modes and exotic scales, in 42 pages. You need C below middle C and 22-24 strings. Two of the pieces require levers on G strings. The book includes both a two-page harp piece and a one-page “fake book format” sheet for each song. Note that this is the original Perceptions book, which happens to be lap-harp friendly. There is also a version for larger harps.

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Listen to Rain Drops


Listen to The Tide


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Comments on this book by Edie Elkan, Director of Bedside Harp program, who asked me to write this book of modal and exotic pieces:

Two in the Mornin’ – Cindy, this piece is like a tone poem…it grabbed me on a musical visual level that I haven’t experienced except in some rare orchestra pieces!

The Tide – well here again, the visual image came through. The music is just wonderful – most especially the AM#7 chord ending. How cool is that???

Rain Drops – I had to look out the window to be convinced that it was not raining! Love this mixolydian piece – your ability to render melodies and harmonies in these enchanting scales reminds me of Michaelangelo, who worked to “free” his pieces from the blocks of marble they were hidden in.

Perceptions just tore me up – it’s perfectly gorgeous!!! And it truly brought tears to my eyes.

Walking in Circles – WOW! This is just wonderful – love the little rhythmic device…I have to tell you – what you do with the triad is just…amazing!!!

Over Easy – perfect – just a perfect Dorian piece….

Osodorian – LOVE this piece

Mixin’ it Up – Great!!!

Dilemma is just lovely – I LOVE the switch back and forth and back and forth from 4/4 to 5/4 to 4/4…

Pheelin’ Phrygian – I love this one….

Koala Dreams – Wow – I LOVE this one!

Lullaby – almost fell asleep playing it – who would have thought that Phrygian could be so soothing and loving?

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