I Really Want to Play the Harp!



This is not a “how to play” book. As the cover says, it is a guide for those who are thinking about maybe someday soon (or in the future) taking up harp playing. It is available only as an eBook. It is 21 pages in length.

I have answered questions on these harp topics many, many times during my harp career. As of this writing, I have played harp for over 20 years, taught harp (to both children and adults) for 16 years, and sold harps for 15 years. This combined experience has given me a lot of insights into the mind of the would-be harp purchaser. I wrote this book to give potential harp players a lot to think about, and to help them make the very important decision about whether to take up the instrument we all love so much.

Topics covered:

  • General Harp Education (Lever harp basics; harp size; the floor harp; the mid-size harp; the lap harp; the pedal harp; Should I get a double-strung harp? Can I learn to play on a cross-strung harp? What is a wire-strung harp?)
  • General Information about Learning to Play (I have never played an instrument before; should I find a harp teacher? How much should I practice? Can I learn on a lap harp? Why are strings different colors? Will I have to learn how to tune my harp? How young is too young to learn harp? Should I get a beginner harp for my child? How old is too old to learn harp?)
  • Things to consider if you get serious (How much will I have to spend? Should I buy a used harp? Should I rent a harp first? I have the money, I know what I want, but I don’t want to wait.)
  • Figuring out your harp purchase (Do I want gut strings on my harp? Does the wood type affect the sound? How do I choose the lever type? How do I know how many levers I will need? I have heard that a spruce sound board is best; What do I sit on when playing? What else do I need? Is it difficult to put on a harp string?)