A Suite Season, Harp Duets


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“A Suite Season” is four suites of six pieces (one set for each season). This book is available only as an eBook.

Harp I and Harp II parts are written in lap harp range. As long as you have C below middle C, with 24-26 strings, you can play either part. Keys include C, F and G, and their related minor keys. Each suite stays in the same key signature for all six pieces.

Each suite consists of six harp duets, set up progressively, beginning with easier ones. Each piece is complete in itself. So if you need to wait awhile or practice more to play the later pieces in each suite, it doesn’t matter. You can end the suite wherever you like and it will still sound “finished.” You can also shuffle the pages within each suite, play them in any order you prefer. There are no lever changes within any of the pieces.

The suites are: Winter Colors, Spring Fling, Summer Vacation and Autumn Blessings.

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The download includes a pdf of the Harp I parts (46 pages), a pdf of the Harp II parts (46 pages) and a pdf of the scores (69 pages) in case you want to see how the parts fit together.