WinterScape, for Lap Harp




“WinterScape (For Holiday Harping)” is 41 pages of fun, beautiful, playable arrangements for lap harp. The arrangements are mid-intermediate level, some a bit easier, some a bit more “notey.”

After “Twelve Days” (five pages) and “WinterScape” (eight pages), the remainder of the book consists of two-page solos.  It is available in print and as a download.

You will need C below middle C, up to high D (23 strings) and levers on C, F, B and G to play all of the pieces in this book. There is no levering to do after you have set your levers for a piece, so you can just enjoy playing.

Use the drop-down menu to choose from book, eBook, CD, mp3 download and book/CD combo. *The recordings are of the “regular version” of this book, not the lap harp version.* The eBook is also available at Sheet Music Plus.

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If you prefer sheet music (single songs), these are all available on Sheet Music Plus. Click on a song title and you will go right to that song’s listing.  Each listing includes a long sample and an audio sample. The full mp3s (of the regular harp version) of each piece are also available on Sheet Music Plus. If you go to my complete catalogue there and type in a title in the search box, you will find the mp3.


Listen to the regular version of WinterScape


Listen to the regular version of Carol of the Bells


Please note, the CD/MP3 recordings listed here are of the regular version of this book. The lap harp arrangements are similar, but of course, with a smaller harp range, and are not recorded.

Click here for the regular version of the book.

The video features “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

Comments on the regular “WinterScape” book:

“WinterScape” is a book of clean, clear arrangements of old favorites as well as lesser known carols. Cindy takes carols beyond the “shopping mall” arrangements and gives them her own touch, sometimes tweaking the melody line to give it a more interesting ring. Another winner from Cindy Blevins!” Jeannette D, CA

“WinterScape” arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to play from it. I love the arrangement of “The Carol of the Bells.” I had given up hope that there would be an arrangement of this beautiful song that I could play. Your amazing use of just 2 lever settings did it! I am looking forward to diving into the other carols. It is a great book and so wonderful to get it with plenty of time of practice before the winter season.” Maryann, NY


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WinterScape for Lap Harp

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