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This is a secure website. You can safely browse and shop. You do not have to create an account in order to purchase from this site. If you create an account, you will have future access to your downloads (if you purchase downloads). At this time there is no newsletter or email list to sign up for. So never fear, I will not use your email address for anything. The website uses it only for account log-ins and such. My payment portal is PayPal. Follow the prompts during check-out and you can use a credit card, eCheck, etc. I use PayPal because it is the most secure form of payment. I never see or store any of your payment information, nor does our computer or website.

If you have a question or concern, please contact me.

If you find something on this site that “doesn’t work,” please don’t hesitate to contact me. Whether it is a music sample that doesn’t load,  help with getting your downloads, or anything else, you can email me at charpist5 at aol dot com.

About the music books:

**My book covers are plain, to save you money. The shine is on the inside.**

My music books are spiral-bound, so they lay flat. A music book listed as a “download” is an eBook. Otherwise, it is a spiral-bound book. Postage is not added to eBooks or any downloadable products.

CDs and downloads:

The CDs: Most of my books have optional CDs so you can hear what the music sounds like. A few books contain CDs that are not optional. A “CD” is a “hard copy” CD. A “CD download” contains mp3 files of the CD tracks. Postage is not added to CD downloads. My CDs have the book title printed on them, and the list of songs/tracks where applicable. They are not fancy. There are no jewel cases or printed inserts.

Downloads are easy. When you purchase downloads, your order page at the completion of your order contains links to your downloads. You may have to refresh the page to see the links. Just click the links, and save the pdfs or zipped folders to your desktop. I am always available should you have a problem with, or questions about, your downloads. You will also have access to your downloads later. Just log into your account to access your order history and downloads.

This website contains hundreds of products. I know, because when I recreated my website onto this new platform, I edited and listed every single one of them. If you find “missing links,” can’t view a music sample, or have any other problems, please contact me so I can take care of the issue.

FAQs about requests to record my music:

May I record one or more of your pieces for my “not for profit” new CD?

I get asked this a lot. If you don’t plan to sell your CD (i.e. if it is to be a “giveaway” to people you play for), the rules are simple. Most importantly, you must contact me first to discuss the matter and gain permission, as all of my music and arrangements are copyrighted. My music must not be re-arranged, made into an ensemble, etc. without express permissions.

May I record one or more of your pieces for my “for profit” new CD?

I get asked this a lot as well. Most importantly, you must contact me first to discuss the matter and gain permission, as all of my music is copyrighted. My music must not be re-arranged, made into an ensemble, etc. without express permission.

Additionally, there is the issue of royalties. Royalties must be paid “per track” at the going rate, upon production of the CD. There is a minimum of 200 units. For example, if the going rate is 9 cents per track and you record one of my pieces for the CD, the minimum royalty, to be paid up front, would be $18.00.

Where does my music go?

My music is played by musicians all of the USA and way beyond. I have sent music to every state, and also to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Phone Lesson FAQs:

How long have you been doing phone lessons?   Since 2006.

How long is each lesson? 30 minutes is standard, but we can schedule as much time as you need.

How much are phone lessons? $25.00 for 30 minutes

Do I have to be using your learning materials with phone lessons? Absolutely not. We can work on anything you like.

Why don’t you do video lessons? At the current time, I have no web cam and no desire to do skype or other video lessons. In the past I found that sound quality, connectivity and visuals were all so bad that I could honestly “see” and hear better over the phone.

How do I schedule my lesson? You should contact me to make sure we can find a time to work together. Schedule one session to try it, or schedule regular on-going lessons. Once we have discussed it, you can pay via PayPal or send me a check in the mail.

How does a phone lesson work? I will call you at the appointed time, so there are no toll charges to pay. You need to have a speaker phone or other hands-free phone that you can place beside you. I need to be able to hear you AND your harp. Cell phones are not optimal for phone lessons because the audio is not as good, especially the harp sound.

If I purchase several phone lessons, do I have to use them up within a certain time period? Yes. Please plan on having your phone lesson(s) within six months of your purchase date.

If I purchase several phone lessons, can I use that money towards something else later on? You must use your phone lessons payments on phone lessons. So please purchase only the number of lessons you feel comfortable with.

Do phone lessons have to be about harp playing? No. I have done sessions on music theory concepts, working with rhythms, improvisation, accompanying, composing, even coaching on music notations programs and MIDI.

Should I talk to you about my expectations before I sign up? Absolutely, especially if you would like to work on something is not “Blevins” music. We both want to be certain it is something I can help you with before you purchase a lesson.

If I am taking phone lessons, how can you make sure my hands are correct? Obviously, I can’t be totally sure. I can hear a lot of things over the phone, and I also know pretty much all of the bad habits that people can get into when they are starting harp. I have seen them all in my studio with beginners. You are welcome to email me little videos so that I can see how your hands are doing. I can then give you feedback. One of my harp/phone students does this periodically. He feels more confident and I see first-hand how well he has learned.