Blevins Harps, Testimonials 1

(Regarding her Bourree 28 hybrid) “Hi Cindy, I am so happy with my little Bourree harp! Played her for patients during 3 different shifts this week. The strings are holding the tuning now and it sounds so warm and lovely already, despite its “newness”. Received a number of compliments from patients and medical staff too. Several wanted to “touch” it and couldn’t believe it was carbon fiber. It has a very pleasant feel to it, not “plastic-y” at all, which is a nice surprise.

I think this harp will serve me very well in my work and otherwise. Thanks again for creating this beautiful instrument. I already put the word out on the IHTP FaceBook group site and a couple of colleagues have asked questions. Bottom line is that everybody who does this kind of work is looking for a great sounding, compact, light-weight harp with as many base strings as possible, and this one sure fits the bill!” Michaela B

“Hi Cindy and Dwight. The Twilite is beautiful! Though a Bahama blue, I have named it Aurora, because the color reminds me of the northern lights in Alaska. I love the stand, so I can leave it out easily. The Le Stik works great. The sound is wonderful!!!! Whether I play quietly with a gentle hand, or more loudly with a strong hand, it sounds pleasing. The weight is nice, and the size is so portable. Am I happy? YOU BET!” Karma T, MI

“My beautiful Blevins Bourrée has arrived (hybrid 28). Nice job boxing it up! It arrived safely and perfectly. I am busy bringing it up to tune, admiring the look, feel, and sound of it! I am actually amazed at the tone, which I know will only get better as the soundboard ages a bit…but it sounds wonderful right out of the starting gate! What a wonderful experience this has been…thank you both!” Karen S, CA

“Hi Dwight and Cindy! I just HAVE to write to you about how Galen (name given to the Aspen 27 you built for me) is doing. He is INCREDIBLE! His voice has developed over the months and is absolutely MAGICAL!! Thank you for your expertise and gift for creating such a beautiful instrument. I get many compliments in the hospital.” Allen D

“There’s no one on earth who builds prettier harps than you, Dwight! And expertly pairs them with the right buyer and showcases them as beautifully as you, Cindy. You make a great team….and the result is I’ve gotten three of the prettiest (and best sounding) harps in the world to luxuriously play, choosing from among them at whim.” Vivian S, AZ

“Hi Cindy, The Gwen 34 arrived safe and sound today to her new forever home. I am absolutely speechless at her beauty. I cried when I saw her, the pictures just do not do her justice. The craftsmanship is just plain amazing (I hope that their are apprentices learning this skill because these harps need to be available for many generations to come). I love her voice, like you said mellow. Whom ever packed the harp I have never seen such a fine packing job.. I want to thank you for the excellent communication too.” Kim M

“Thank you for your great website, with all the pictures and sound clips, and for being so responsive via email. I’m not sure I would even have taken up the harp if I could not have done the research online, late at night and during breaks from work — I would not have traveled to other states just to hear a single maker’s harps that I might end up liking. And of course, thanks to Dwight for making these great harps!” Catherine B, IL

“Hi Cindy, We are indeed enjoying Harp Sense and are, once again, blessed by everything that you and Dwight have contributed to Anna’s harp-playing experience. From the surely unsurpassed and beautiful harp, to your wonderful teaching and composing skills, we are sure that God has opened up doors for her that might otherwise never have been available to us.

Anna’s harp is a precious possession to her, and now we’ve been able to integrate having your upbeat and encouraging gift of teaching almost over her shoulder through this book. I have so enjoyed speaking with you over the phone, and observing what a gift you obviously have for teaching–a heart and ability to serve others and encourage them with the knowledge they need to move forward solidly. That can be elusive and difficult to find. We are so thankful that we found you! Sincerely, Leslie S

“Hi, Cindy and Dwight, I just had to let you know that your Phoenix harp surprised people again. I took it to the 9th Annual Harp Retreat of our harp society (CCHS) and for the first time we did a harp tasting. We included the Phoenix, along with five other makes and at the end of the tasting, people had to guess which harp was which. Quite a few people thought the Phoenix was one of the larger harps because of the full, rich tone that came out of a small harp! Yeah! What a wonderful confirmation of what a great harp it is – from other harpists!” Joanna C

“Dear Cindy, I (just now) arrived home to greet my new harp (a Cameo 26 in cherry wood). It is wonderful! I don’t see how it could look better than I even anticipated, but it does. I am so very grateful for your help in this process and for Mr. B’s craftsmanship.” Keith R

“Cindy & Dwight – I love my new harp! The sound is wonderful, just like we remembered from when I played (another Reve 34) in March. I have it tuned in Eb. It is a joy to play & hear.” Angi B, GA, about her new carbon fiber hybrid harp, the Reve 34.

“I just want to let you know that I received my Cherry Eden 26 today. It is so beautiful just to look at. It has such gorgeous sound! Thank you so much for providing such a delightful instrument and a fantastic harp experience.” Denise G

From our dealer in the Netherlands: “When I was deciding which one of the (Eden harps) to keep, one of the teachers I work with here was just so amazed again by your craftsmanship. He said, “Each and every harp is different, but each and every harp is very constant in quality and always superb in sound!” ” (This shop carries mostly Eden 26, Eden 29, Cameo 26 and Bourree 26 harps along with the other harp “brands” they sell).

“The harp is here! (a Cameo 30). And it’s perfect. I love the light weight. It is going to be so great to transport to events and gatherings. It is so easy to play and so cute. Thank you so very much for all the time and effort you spent on the harp and with me. I had so many questions and agonized over what one would meet my needs. I think we have the perfect harp for me. I’m so glad I got the 30-string F – G Cameo. The lower register resonates so beautifully. The soundboard matches just wonderfully. I’m so glad you were able stain that to match so well. Thank you for all the time you spent with me. I appreciate all your patience and helpful suggestions in the selection process. I feel like I know you even though we have never met face to face. It has been a very enjoyable experience dealing with both of you.. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you . . . ” Jo P, WA

“Cindy- I just wanted to thank you again, and let you know how much I am enjoying playing my beautiful harp. Your suggestions on which model were exactly right-anything larger than the Cameo wouldn’t be comfortable for me to hold. As it is, I can sit cross legged on the couch with this one all evening.” Anna D

“I really love the harp! (Aspen 33). After I’ve been playing this harp for a few days, it’s hard to go back to playing the (sorry, can’t mention another brand here). I’m glad that I chose the Blevins Aspen 33 over the (other brand harp he was thinking of purchasing). I can definitely tell a difference in the quality. Its pretty easy to hold with the LeStik and with this new range, I absolutely love being able to play songs outside of the treble clef. I honestly thought I was getting better at playing harp, but then I realized I sounded better because of the harp.” Anthony H, CA

“Hi Cindy and Dwight, I just wanted to let you know that I took my harp (Phoenix made out of Sassafras) to Richmond last weekend and met two women who play at the bedside. They loved, loved my harp. They thought it was a beautiful harp and loved the wood. But they were really impressed with the sound! I love the harp, but I had not been able to objectively listen to it until they played it for me. I am soooo glad that I got this harp. It suites and fits me in every way. I just love the tone!!! Thank you for building such a lovely harp :).” Marilyn T, VA

About her brand new Glenwood 34 in figured sweet gum: “Hi Cindy. Good news.. the harp arrived in perfect condition. I am truely awe inspired by how beautiful it is in person. I seriously had tears of joy when I opened the box. I am working on tuning it right now.. its very dreamy and surreal. This is by far the most beautiful thing I have time ever owned. Thank you a million times over. Tell Dwight his work is brilliant!!! You guys run a world class operation.. that is for sure.” Holly B, IL

“I fell in love with the Blevins Song 26 the first moment I heard it on your website. Now that I have my own, I could not be happier with her. She has the most beautiful tones I have ever heard on a small harp. Thank you Cindy and Dwight for bringing such a beautiful instrument into my life. My “Bonnie” Blevins is always near at hand ready to help brighten my days.” Linda C, AZ

From Pat J of Colorado, after taking home her Cameo 28: “Please let Dwight know that I love the new harp. It’s doing really well. I played last night and again this morning. I couldn’t believe it but some of the strings even held the pitch overnight. And the tone is already settling in and improving. Having those extra low notes means I can lower some pieces that have been written for the upper register and that’s very nice because it gives a fuller sound despite the smaller size. It also gives variety as I can play one section as written, another an octave lower. So I’m already having fun with it.”

From MJ, about HER Cameo 28 (in red-flamed box elder wood): “I just wanted you to know that I’ve been playing the new Cameo and I absolutely LOVE it! Tell Dwight that I can’t stop playing it since I brought it home. It’s just so wonderful.”

(about her Eden 26) “Cindy, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the sound, such a small harp and such a clear, resonant sound. Truely you and Dwight can be very proud of yourselves producing such a lovely instrument and providing such good service throughout all the stages of buying and receiving a harp.” Charlotte R, Australia

“Hi Dwight and Cindy, Thank you with all my heart for the magnificent harp, (Brio 24 in figured cherry wood.) The harp is so beautiful; you chose such stunning strawberry-blonde, highly figured wood! (A bit tiger-striped, which I love.) I’m so grateful to you. With its golden sharping levers and rosettes, it is so lovely. I can’t believe the sound–so rich and mellow on such a small harp, with an very impressive dynamic range. What an inspiring instrument! I also love the case. It’s so well designed, and extremely easy to pack and unpack the harp.” Clarinda K, NY

“I have the harp (RiverSong 36) in tune and it is wonderful. The upper octaves are clear and bell like and the bass is full and rich. I love it!” Maryann K, NY

The Mira 30 is beautiful! Lovely sound, not a single problem with it! The gold levers look marvelous with the wood (just like you said they did), and I’m so excited to have such a beautiful and lovely sounding instrument to learn on! Thank you so much for the time and care you have put into making this instrument! It has already brought me great joy, and I can only imagine it will continue to do so. May the joy you’ve brought into my life today and for days to come, be given back to you a hundred times!” Sarah F

“Hello, I was out of town when the harp arrived, but I saw it today and WOW!!!!! I absolutely love it! The purple heart wood is so unique and seems to shimmer in the light! It is the perfect size for me to play comfortably, and I just love it!!! Thank you so much for making me such a wonderful sounding and beautiful harp!!!!!!! Jennifer G (new owner of purple heart MeadoWind 36)

“Yesterday I received the new Melody 26. The workmanship is excellent, and color of the wood is very contemporary and the tone is powerful, more so than anything else around here.” William W, MA

“Hi Cindy, I just wanted to let you know, I received my new Encore in perfect shape. It is absolutely beautiful and the sound (even untuned) is amazing! I’m going to tune it up and start off practicing. I’ve poured over your books for weeks, so now it’s time to see if I can put what I’ve learned so far into practice. I’m so excited! I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and getting me lined up with one of Dwight’s simply splendid harps! Thanks to you both!” Denise G

My harp arrived safe and sound (Cameo 26 in beautiful cherry wood) . It is a true work of art. I unpacked it right away and made my husband put together the stand. We tuned it up – I adjusted the strap and wow – what a sound! What a FEEL. The strings FEEL so good under my fingers – especially in the lowest octave. I am so happy – the harp feels great – sounds great – and looks spectacular! It has a wonderful feel to it – and I could just sit and stare at it for hours.” Justine D, NJ

Oh Cindy, what can I tell you..?? I just love this little harp (Cameo 26 in poplar wood)…. it is easier to play than I thought it would be… being she is so small and all….having a ball playing on her and helping her stay in tune…. I love the sound… amazing…. and I can get her nice and loud too!! lol for a little harp, I was a bit concerned she would sound tinny or plinky. But that’s not even a thought now!” Jeane J, NV

My Consort 36 is beautiful and it sounds so lovely! The cherry is very beautiful. I keep seeing new markings/designs in it that I hadn’t noticed before. On the soundboard I see pretty marks that look like the circular dimples that pebbles make when tossed in water. It is so pretty. Even the feet are pretty. And I love how it sounds! It’s sound is full and warm and mellow. I love that I can pick it up and move it, too. This has been such a nice experience. Your Consort recommendation was wonderful, Cindy and this harp is fantastic, Dwight! I am the queen of second-guessing and there’s not a single second-guess in my heart or my head.” Priscilla K, PA

“I just wanted to let you know that my beautiful Amadeus arrived safe and sound on Monday. I love it! I have been showing everyone and am the envy of them all. I can’t thank you enough.” BA, CA

“Dear Dwight and Cindy, This night a finally had the opportunity (after all the tuning) to play one of the harps. Somewhere in the middle of my song I had to stop, just to let you know HOW INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED I AM!! I absolutly do not know any other harp here in Western Europe which has this superb quality and fullness of tone. And then I did not write yet about the affection for your creations that just shines from the details of the harp. I am just proud to be your “ambassador” overhere.”

(re new Cynde 30) “Please tell Dwight that: I love EVERYTHING about my new harp! Even though it’s a “bargain item”, I’m very happy with the size, color, finish, legs and carry bag. The TONE is SUPERB! I couldn’t be happier. The harp was delivered one day earlier than originally estimated and in excellent condition. I can’t believe it’s so “toteable” and can be easily moved from room to room.” Renee

“Dear Cindy, It was a delight to meet you and Dwight. I am very happy with my BlevinSong 36 harp and have started to use your books. Thank you for all your tips on harp playing. You give so generously of your musical talent. I came away from my visit thinking you and Dwight have created an artistic paradise and are sharing your creativity with the world in wonderful ways.” Olivia D, MT

“My lovely harp arrived today! (Cameo 26 in red-flamed box elder) I have tuned it up and could not wait to start playing it. You are right – it sounds very lively, but beautiful. I unpacked it at Mum’s and tuned it there so they could hear it. They loved it. It is just beautiful (I know I already said that) but it is all I had hoped for. Thank you so much. And now back to my harp.” Susan R, Australia

“I finally have the strings tuned up and the Amadeus 38 is WONDERFUL!!! Great sound, beautifully crafted and the perfect mahogany color!!! Awesome job on this harp!!” Linda O

“With your careful packing the harp (Amadeus 38) came through just fine and it is indeed BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you all at Blevins for the fine job you did.” Linda O
“I just want to let you know that I received the Skye harp today! It is absolutely as beautiful as I had hoped it would be! I’m so excited to begin playing it. Thank you again for this beautiful harp. I love it! Also your harp course (Interactive Harp) looks wonderful. It has already helped me learn how to tune it and I’ve begun working through it.” Sincerely, Nicole G, PA

“The harp arrived today, safe and sound. All my questions concerning its appearance gave way to sheer delight the moment I ripped open the box and removed it from its case. Absolutely gorgeous! After few initial tunings, the sound is just as heavenly. I’m smitten and hopelessly in love. Thanks for all your kindness, and for recommending the instructional materials, which I value tremendously. But above all, thanks for building such a beautiful, first-class instrument. The Erin 31 is indeed the harp I’ve always longed for.” Murray S, MS

“Just wanted to let you know that I am THRILLED SILLY with my new harp (MeadoWind 34.) It feels like it was custom made for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! 🙂 Thanks SOOOOOOOO much!!! 🙂 Amy V

“I got the harp today and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds great, looks great! Wonderful! I’ll send some pics when I have more time. For now, thank you thank you thank you for a beautiful-looking and beautiful sounding harp! Magnificent! :-)” David E, IL about his Cameo 26.

“Hi Cindy, My new Cameo 28 harp arrived safely today. It is very beautiful, and although the strings are still stretching, it has incredible sound.
Thank you so much for all yourhelp!” Annita

“Hi Cindy, My new harp has now settled into itself with tuning, and I am enjoying playing it. It has the lovely low tones I had wanted, Yea. I am delighted. Thank you so much for creating this instrument.” Mary U, WI (about her Cameo 28 in walnut wood)