Two Harps Plus Flute

These “single piece ensembles” are available only as downloads. You receive the flute part, harp I, harp II and the score.

These are really lovely and fun to play ensembles for you, your harp duet partner, and your optional flute player. The flute parts are melodic, often adding a “twist” to the arrangement, or some chromatics that are easier done on flute than on harp. They are meant to add to the harp duet. However, the duets are written as duets first. They are complete in themselves, in case you don’t have a flute player handy.

These duets are very similar to the duets in my “Harp Duets” section. However, sometimes they are in different keys, or have slightly different arrangements, to accommodate the flute parts.

They are listed in the following sections: