Your Harp at Home

Set up your harp in a cozy corner where it is not apt to be knocked over by pets or children, and where it is convenient for you to practice. A harp that is kept in its case in the corner will not be played as often as one that is kept ready. Keep your harp away from direct sunlight and from heat sources such as baseboard heating units, wood stoves and fireplaces. Direct sunlight can overheat and dry the wood, as well as causing color distortions.

Do not use cleaners on your harp. When the harp appears dusty or dry, use a very soft cloth and wipe your harp with a small amount of Old English lemon oil. Do not, under any circumstances, leave your harp in a closed car. Heat can damage or destroy hour harp in a surprisingly short period of time. Cold will ruin the finish. Avoid leaving your harp is your car at all for more than a few minutes.