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Much of my downloadable music is now available also at Sheet Music Plus. Single-song sheet music from books and single-song mp3 recordings when available, are ONLY at Sheet Music Plus. On this website you can purchase “in print” books, hard-copy CDs, eBooks, and mp3 sets. If you are browsing around and come across a book (be it harp, piano, clarinet, Native American flute, etc.) where additional materials are available, there will be links directly to those items at Sheet Music Plus. These links are for your convenience. They only take you there, they don’t make you buy something you don’t want to :-).

Meanwhile, if you have never been to Sheet Music Plus and just want to check it out, you can click here. You will be taken to my main catalogue, but from there you can go anywhere on their huge music site.

Because of Sheet Music Plus, I have been arranging a wide variety of copyright songs. The songs are available for purchase only at SMP, but in the categories below you will find lists of every song so far available. Think…Edelweiss, Annie’s Song, A Thousand Years, Say Something, some Josh Groban, some Van Morrison, Bette Midler, some great Christmas classics, and LOTS more. Just click on a category below to see what’s available to date.

** I also write special pieces for your special occasions, and arrange songs by request, as long as they are in the public domain or you otherwise get permission. I have been doing this commissioned work since 2001. You can have a piece written for your instrument, your playing ability, etc. I also write occasional made-to-order ensemble piece in pretty much any instrument you need. Contact me if you would like to talk about “Music Just For You.”